Astrotalk App Is Real Or Fake

Astrotalk App You must have heard this name at some time or the other, and you must have searched everywhere whether Astrotalk App is Real or Fake. But you must always understand that whether this app really gives correct information about us or it just fools us.

So today we and you will know together whether Astrotalk App really gives correct information, and the winners in it are also experts who give you correct information about yourself. And is he really a real expert or fake? You and I will know all this today.

Astrotalk App Reviews[Astrotalk App Is Real Or Fake]

If we believe the website of astrotalk app, then they have 4.3 crore customers who are happy with their work and they are providing service of their app in more than 60 countries. With a vast pool of over 13000 Vedic Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Vastu Experts, AstroTalk lets you call and chat.

From horoscope matching to horoscope predictions, you can get a lot of information on marriage, love, career or health and many other things on Astrotalk. According to their website “When using Astrotalk, you can rely on us for highly accurate, precise and well-researched astrological content that will take away most of your worries.”

And as it is written on their website that they work 24 hours astrotalk offers free live astrology sessions, and much more.

  • Mission– Their mission is to take forward those people who want to move ahead by fighting every situation in their life. And he wants to help all the people through his astrology.
  • Perspective– He saw that many people go through a lot of problems after failing in their life, but there is no one to show them the right direction, he wants to help them by fulfilling their shortcomings.

Astrotalk Astrologer:

According to the website of Astrotalk, there are total 13000+ astrologers who are the best astrologers from different places in India as per their website. And when you talk to those people, you will also feel that you are talking to a good astrologer.

And you will start believing in yourself that maybe you can achieve what you want in your life. Almost all the astrologers on their app are experts in their work, whether they are marriage astrologers or career astrologers. All people have one thing in common and that is to listen well to the other person.

How To Identify A Fake Astrologer?

How to recognize a fake astrologer? This thing will be in almost everyone’s mind and should also be there. Because these people entangle you in their talks and talk to you about many sweet things, which people like. These people probably trap people because in today’s life, there are less people who talk nicely to people and more people who give tension.

They take advantage of this very thing and take advantage of you. Let me tell you one more thing. The things that these people tell about you are the things that you would have heard in books and in normal life. You have to understand who is taking advantage of you.

One of the best ways to understand a fake astrologer is to give them some wrong information about yourself and discuss further on that information. You will see for yourself how these people talk to you sweetly and positively based on the information given by you.

Can we trust Astrotalk?

First of all, you should know one thing that you cannot trust anyone in today’s time. And if we talk about Astrotalk app, earlier this app used to provide a lot of services for free. And today, ever since they have received funding of Rs 166 crores, this app is in the news a lot. And the reviews of this app are also very mixed.

Some people trust them, and some people don’t trust them. The biggest reason for this is their chat payment. These people show you that you will get to talk on message or call for free but this is not true. You get these things for free for a very short period of time and when you start talking about something.

Then these people start demanding money from you. But when you visit their website, you will see that it is free, but when you login into it, you will realize that they are fooling you in the name of free.

Is Astrotalk a good company?

Astrotalk company is very good in terms of earning money, and very quickly this company has made progress. Astrotalk’s revenue was Rs 282 crore in 2023 and last year it had earned Rs 113 crore. It is getting a growth of 145% every year.

And along with this, they have received funding of Rs 166 crore in the beginning of this year itself, which shows that this company is a growing company. And this is the reason why their ads are being seen a lot these days and many YouTubers are also talking about them.

Is Astrotalk free of cost?

No, Astrotalk is not free, it remains free for a very short period of time. And when your issue starts getting publicity, then these people start taking money from you and their prices also depend on the hour and time. You will feel that the price is not high because these people keep the price at 50rs and 100rs.


How Did Astrotalk Become Successful?

Astrotalk came in 2017 and initially they started providing free services on their website, the turning point of their company came in 2023. When it received funding of Rs 166 crore, this app has become a topic of much discussion.

Astrotalk company became successful because no one was providing astrologer’s service online and no one was providing it in their style. He started providing services to people at very little money, and last year in 2023, the net worth of his company was 1420 crores.

Who is the CEO of Astrotalk?

The CEO of Astrotalk is Puneet Gupta who has established this company after working in a corporate job for 10 years.

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